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We have two in-house designers that will work with you to design a plan that reflects your desired finish and find solutions to any challenging spaces.  To make the experience that little bit more special, you can go one step further and walk around your new bathroom with the use of 4D Virtual technology.  


From our showroom in Tonbridge, our extensive range of high-end designer brands display a style to suit everyone. See our Brands page for some inspiration… 


Where possible we can complete the project for you with our network of installers across Kent to install the bathroom to a high spec, giving you reassurance, the end result is perfect in every way.

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What Our customers say

The overall use of Towns Bathroom is very VERY useful. It is very great! (and the support is amazing as well!:)

Gemma Brockley

This company is amazing, you can customize EVERYTHING! The shop is a game changer for the best and cheapest bathrooms Soo many good experiences from this, THANKS!

Mark Jance

Excellent work. Very good install, No need for support, works perfectly and had so many good compliments from friends and family

Steve Downer